Parade Registration

Parade Registration

The UNI Homecoming parade is an exciting opportunity for alumni, students, faculty, staff and the Cedar Valley community to celebrate the University of Northern Iowa.

If you are interested in participating in the parade, please complete the form below by September 28, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Relations.

Please note: Unfortunately, we will not be able to host high school and/or community bands other than the University of Northern Iowa Marching Band.

Golf Cart Rules & Safety

Only the organization using the golf cart has permission to drive the cart.

DO NOT modify any of the factory settings (i.e. the governor, accelerator cable, etc.) on the engine. Modifications can result in damage to the golf cart as well as incurring additional fees. 

Each organization will be assigned a numbered cart.

Only two (2) persons are allowed on the vehicle at any one time. 

DO NOT overload the cart!

Carts must be driven in a safe, slow and careful manner. 

Carts must be driven by a licensed driver. 

Alcoholic beverages ARE NOT permitted in any golf cart. No alcohol is to be consumed by any driver or passenger while the cart is being used for homecoming purposes. No golf cart will be operated while under the influence of alcohol. 

Terms & Conditions

The organization agrees that in the event the cart is lost, stolen, or damaged the replacement or repair cost will be for the retailed value. 

The fee of $500 will be charged if the cart engine governor is tampered with or modified during the event.

The fee of $10 will be charged for lost cart keys. 

The fee of $75 will be charged for decals and/or stickers applied to the carts & not removed before returning. 

A $25 cleaning fee will be assessed if the organization does not return the cart in the same condition as received.

Any organization requesting a golf cart that does not show up for the parade will be charged a $45 rental fee. 

Any of the above additional fees will be determined on the return of the golf cart and will be invoiced to the organization assigned to that cart. 

Parade Rules

All parade participants must be registered by Sept. 24 at 5 p.m.

Per the City of Cedar Falls and UNI, parade participants may distribute candy or other items by handing them to spectators. Throwing of candy, toys or other objects is strictly prohibited due to the potential for serious injury. Anyone found throwing items from their float will be asked to leave the parade immediately.

Golf carts, hayracks, flatbeds and similar trailers are allowed. Pick-up trucks and other smaller vehicles are also allowed. Please be mindful of the safety of children and parade spectators. Larger vehicle entries will receive information ahead of the parade about what time to arrive at the staging area.

A float is not required for parade participation. Groups of individuals may walk in the parade if they wish.

On-campus student groups or organizations may request a golf cart to use as their parade float. All other entries must supply their own parade vehicle or golf cart. 

The consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited before and during the parade. Anyone suspected of being in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately.

Parade officials have the authority to remove any parade entry for violation of any of the above rules. 

Dogs are restricted from the parade unless they are part of an organized pre-approved animal event per city ordinance #2788. Animal entries must be equipped with the necessary clean-up crew.

Animal entries accept responsibility for cleaning up the staging area and Parade route, if necessary. Failure to comply may result in being pulled from the parade line-up.

No water guns, squirt guns or other water spraying equipment will be allowed.

In order to keep the parade moving, the maximum allowable stop time to perform is 1 minute.

Float trailer lengths cannot exceed 45 feet, or 8 feet in height. Because of this restriction, UNI assumes no liability for floats that are damaged due to trees or overhanging traffic lights along the route. Also, floats must be able to make the 3rd and Main Street corner safely without jumping the curb, regardless of trailer length. Experienced tractor drivers only.

Neither the City of Cedar Falls nor UNI bears any responsibility for personal injuries or property damage inflicted by or on any participants in the parade.

UNI reserves the right at any time to refuse participation in the parade of any entry deemed inappropriate, as well as the right to withdraw any unit of which costume or performance does not conform to the standards of reasonable public taste.


The undersigned expressly acknowledges that the activities of the parade (including pre- and post-parade activities) are dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury, death, and/or property damage. The undersigned agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the University of Northern Iowa and its affiliates, employees, agents and representatives connected with the parade for any personal injuries, property loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the actions of the parade participants connected to the group, float or individuals.